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Advertising, informational and service messages

Effective way of personal communication with You clients
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Sending SMS messages to your customer base -
recognized and effective communication tool


Tell Your customers about promotions, discounts and product updates


Inform your customers about the balance of accounts, the status of work and services, orders movement

Result guarantee

98% of recipients open an SMS in the first 5 minutes

SMS distribution with Easy SMS:

SMS messages are still the most effective personal
channel communication between you and your client


Ability to send SMS, both on the entire customer base, and personal SMS to each client


Fast sending and instant delivery of SMS messages


100% guaranteed sending channel. Direct contracts and connections to all operators


All personal data is processed and stored in accordance with the law «About Personal Data"


The personal manager
WEB-interface Integration with any platform
Automated distribution from your programs


Full statistics and reporting
Time management and other distribution parameters

SMS distribution variants

Choose the best way to connect and manage distributions


Initiate distribution of the message or receive a full report by sending a request to the personal manager by E-mail


Use extensive opportunities to launch and manage distribution, access to reporting, statistics, access level settings and more


Choose appropriate integration options with Your own systems, keeping in mind the smooth running of business processes


Easy SMS will pave the way for You into the world of effective SMS campaigns

Easy SMS provides not only SMS distributions, we provide a set of services that will allow You to make them effective:

Service Description
Connecting to the system. Allocation of login and password for access to the personal cabinet with full functionality.
Access to online statistics of SMS distributions to customers Display full statistics for all mailings in Your account. The service will allow:
  • - to monitor the status of messages;
  • - to make selections for the necessary periods of time;
  • - Control Your expenses online;
  • - upload reports for further processing.
Add or change the sender's name. Assistance in the coordination and allocation of both the individual name of the sender and the "Multi-signature".
Connecting to the system using API protocols Integration with your CRM and ERP systems using ready-made protocols. Selection of an individual solution for integration.
24-hour technical support Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Personal Expert in Mobile Communications We provide each client with a personal manager - an expert who will help to organize and launch effective campaigns and solve all emerging issues
Express delivery Our courier service will deliver invoices and all the necessary documents to You to the office monthly
Database number processing
  • - Combine the database numbers not only from different sources, but also from records of different formats.
  • - Create a single database with filtering on city and mobile numbers.
  • - Quote numbers database to a single format.
  • - Check the database for errors: remove unnecessary characters and spaces, glue the numbers, delete duplicated
Validation of the database numbers (HLR-requests) Check Your database for unused numbers, which are about 7-15% of the total, which will save on distribution.
Segmentation and filling of the base
  • - Segment Your customer base according to various criteria, including geographical, socio-demographic (sex, age, etc.), as well as customer preferences;
  • - Prepare and load the segmented databases of Your customers into Your personal account.
As a result: You will have a marketing tool for the most accurate and effective work with clients.
Individual promotional codes generation In the event that You need to send out individual access codes or promotional codes, we will provide a generator of individual codes, as well as to help You choose the method of inserting a promotional code into the message.

Start working with Easy SMS and get a set of the most advanced market instruments


1. Signature. Sender name.

The number of valid characters in the name, including letters, digits and other permitted characters, is 11. Spaces are also taken into account. The use of Cyrillic in the signature is not allowed.

2. Text sms, parameters, language of the message.

Cyrillic. The message up to 70 characters in length is charged as 1 SMS. The message with the number of characters over 70 is charged in parts, at a rate of not more than 67 characters in one part. Spaces and punctuation marks are considered as separate characters.
Latin. The message, up to 160 characters inclusive, is charged as 1 SMS. Message with the number of characters more than 160 is charged in parts, at the rate of no more than 153 characters in one part. Spaces and punctuation marks are considered as separate characters. Latin is a message that contains letters exclusively of the Latin alphabet, it can also contain numbers and other permitted characters. The message, in which there is at least one Cyrillic character, is charged as Cyrillic.

3. Statuses / reports of SMS messages delivery.

The sender is notified of the delivery of the message. Unconditional delivery of SMS to the subscriber indicates the status of the message "Delivered to the subscriber". Typically, SMS is delivered to the recipient within a few seconds. When you send a message to the phone that is turned off, or to a phone that is outside the network coverage, the message will be delivered when the connection is restored, but only if the message lifetime has not expired.

Start working with Easy SMS and get set
the most modern tools of the IT industry
Start working with Easy SMS and get set the most modern tools of the IT industry
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